Awnings are installed above doors, windows and stairs. It is the best protection from the direct sunlight, rain and snow. Designing, manufacturing and installation – we will do all the work.

Awnings are a great way of protection from direct precipitation. Also, they provide grace and modernity to house façade. Roof above entrance, balcony, windows, exterior stairs and so on gives an additional feeling of cosiness and comfort. SISTEMAX range includes various forms, sizes and materials as well as structures of awnings. According to client’s individual needs, building façade and surrounding environment, we each time suggest choosing a unique awning. We manufacture and install both, frameless and structural awnings. Awnings structures are firm and reliable, therefore there is no need to worry over heavy precipitation, winds or windstorms. Firm polycarbonate or tempered glass is used as a cover for awnings. The cover can be transparent, matted or tinted. Selection of materials permeable to sunlight provides modernity to the building and light to premises. It also serves as a protection from ultraviolet radiation. Awnings can be fitted to various materials: concrete, stone, wood, metal and so on.

Contact SISTEMAX advisers and they will give some professional advice on which awning is best to choose. Moreover, not only they will provide some technical information, but they also suggest which design pattern of an awning would fit best for your building.