Balcony glazing nowadays has become very popular and reasonable to all. Many people can’t imagine cosy accommodation without a glazed balcony. Abundance and quality of SISTEMAX glazing techniques satisfies even the most demanding expectations of both types of clients – natural and legal persons. The diversity of detached houses and blocks of flats as well as our clients’ needs makes our team of specialists look for new solutions: one people want to create a modern rest zone, others believe that the most important thing is firm structures which guarantee safety of accommodation.

SISTEMAX professional advisers may help you to choose the best solution for balcony glazing or renovation, which will very well fit to the house façade as well as to the interior of accommodation, according to your individual needs and technical capabilities of a building.

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SISTEMAX services for balcony glazing:

Structural balcony glazing – firm and rock-solid, highly hermetic, good trapping of heat, reduced traffic noise (the highest effect of tightness is accomplished when glass packages are installed), additional burglary protection. More

Frameless balcony glazing – light and elegant glazing that fills your house with modernity. Highly permeable to sunlight, but less hermetic. More

Balconies with roofs – the best solution for roofless balconies, e. g.  in the upper floors. The balcony with a glazed roof and walls turns your home into oasis of light. More

Balconies for renovated houses – when your home community decides to start a renovation process the most important question is overall repair of balconies and glazing that would fit the needs of all residents. More

Newly structured glazed balconies – usually every modern block of flats is built with glazed balconies. This helps to keep the integrity of a house façade and releases the owner of accommodation from additional worries. More

Thermal insulation and wind-proofing

Climate in Lithuania makes many people choosing balcony glazing as a way of improved thermal insulation. When the balcony glazing is finished, temperatures may rise from 2 to 6 °C degrees and even more on windy days.  

Protection from precipitation

Snow and rain drops may get into unglazed balconies very easily and cause a lot of discomfort: unpleasant moisture accumulates, objects that are not resistant to atmospheric impact can not be kept there and drying of laundry is turned into a very slow process and so on.

Protection from litter and birds

Glazed balconies provide protection from leaves, litter and dust. Usually people living in block of flats are pleasant, but not always, therefore glazed balcony is a great protection from cigarette ends and other objects that can be thrown inside. Also, your balcony is protected from birds’ droppings. Nevertheless, if you are a friend of birds you can easily find a place to attach a bird table on the outside part of a balcony.

Noise insulation

Living on busy streets may have a lot of advantages, but at home many people want to enjoy peace and quiet. Glazed balcony is known for improved sound insulation. The best sound insulation is achieved using structural glazing and glass packages.


Flats located in the lowest floors are good targets for burglars. Moreover, they attract attention of our little pranksters – the minors. Not only firm and high quality balcony glazing provides the feeling of safety and cosiness, but it really protects from outsiders. Modern glazing techniques allow using various additional locks, glass protection films and so on.

Residential floor area and useful floor area expansion

Balconies are becoming wider and more expanded. High prices of real property force every owner of accommodation to turn this area into more useful and more functional zone. Balconies are becoming a place where various things are kept (e. g. bicycles), they are turned into a better place for laundry drying. Furthermore, when we have some free time we can enjoy a cup of coffee, we place a lot of plants there, it is turned into a playground for children, pets come to enjoy the sun and so on. Glazed balcony can be used operated all year long – things kept in there will not be damaged by moisture. If you choose highly hermetic glazing technique and thermal installation, having removed partition between the room and balcony you will be able to equip a cosy hothouse and expand the space of a room.

Aesthetic view and added value

Balcony glazing, if well-combined with façade of a detached house or block of flats, guarantees nice aesthetic view.