Balconies for renovated houses

When it comes to renovation of block of flats, only specialists can provide proper evaluations and give advice for the residents of block of flats about renovation technique that is to be chosen that would fit best for their building. According to community needs, financial abilities and status of a block of flats, full balcony renovation is possible to be performed, but sometimes all that balcony needs is only glazing or only visual renovation of barriers and handrails. Residents’ disputes over balcony glazing are very often case: one wants it to be a warm balcony glazing, while others think that glazing is not necessary. Our experience has shown that after renovation process is finished, many residents enjoy the benefit from a high-quality balcony glazing.

SISTEMAX carried out renovation projects in various towns and cities of Lithuania. Applied sliding systems of aluminium profile added grace and modernity to house façade, while residents now may enjoy better sound and thermal insulation. Our technical and human resources are able to work with projects of various sizes.

Have some questions? You need professional advice? Contact our specialists and they will answer to all the arising questions. Moreover, they will offer you the best solutions according to your own needs.