Newly structured glazed balconies

Usually newly structured blocks of flats are built with glazed balconies right away. Sometimes glazing technique and design that all residents must follow is shown in the project. That is how integrity of house façade is kept and residents may not consider over the design pattern that is to be chosen. Often balcony glazing using structural or frameless aluminium systems is to be offered for newly structured and modern blocks of flats. This technique remarkably fills the design of modern blocks of flats: provide space, elegancy and completes building façade with the stress of lightness.

SISTEMAX carried out projects in the area of blocks of flats in “OZO parkas” in Vilnius and in Klaipėda at Taikos prospect, where the blocks of flats were built by “Arkada” and elsewhere.

Speaking about builders who prepare projects for detached houses, SISTEMAX advisers always suggest deciding whether the owners want to have a glazed balcony. If a glazed balcony is not necessary at an early stage, we suggest considering what balcony structures should be used in future, to make sure glazing is suitable to be installed later and allow owners to choose any glazing technique they want.

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