PVC doors

The usage of PVC doors is very wide. Due to a broad selection of design patterns, theses types of doors are being chosen by natural and legal persons as well. Using these doors multi-purpose buildings, such as offices and hospitals, kindergartens and factories, can be equipped. PVC doors can be made to be used outside and inside.

Features of PVC doors

  • PVC doors are known for the most reasonable price in the market.
  • Wide range of colours, PVC doors can be covered with various films that imitate other materials, such as timber.
  • PVC doors are opened easily and quietly, also good tightness of premises is guaranteed.
  • Ability to choose between various design patterns: PVC doors rightly fits in premises of various interior.
  • PVC doors can be made with glass packages.
  • PVC doors are operated easily – simple cleaning, repainting is not required.
  • Guarantee period is offered.

Manufacture of standard PVC doors lasts around a week, installation is completed in a day. (Duration of manufacture depends on the current number of orders, contact us and we will tell you the exact date of your order being finished).

Can’t decide which type of doors suits your house best? Contact our advisers and they will answer to all the arising questions. Moreover, they will introduce doors characteristics in details and offer products that best suit according to relationship of price and quality.