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"Sistemax" designs and manufactures roofs for various applications. Should you be protected from summer heat, or winter snowstorms, or Lithuania with such frequent rain, - you are always ready to help Sistemax at all times of the year and in all cases. The shelter designed by our specialists, according to the individual, even the most demanding needs of each customer, is an integral part of every home's cozy environment, and a part of its inhabitants - a better quality of life.


The purpose of Sistemax mounted roofs

Private customers and companies "Sistemax" offers the following high quality roofs:

  • Garden furniture in the garden - a real refreshment in the hot summer day and from the hot sun rays, and from the generous rain of the warm season.
  • The roof of your car protects this vehicle from the summer's heavy air, and the car's flawless appearance - from rain and snow corrosion. This will lengthen your car's excellent technical performance and save you time - you won't need to ventilate the cabin or clean the rain splashed dirt in the summer and not get snow in the winter.
  • Bicycle roofing is almost as important as cars. The only difference is that bicycle roofing - irreplaceable bicycle protection from outside exposure is more important in summer. However, winter months that are still warming up can serve the winter as well.
  • Roofing terraces, or a shelter near the house, is like a natural extension of a living space, where you can sit comfortably at a coffee cup for the whole family at any time on a warm summer day, chat with friends or buddies, treat guests or just relax.
  • Roofing for other individual needs.

High quality of the Sistemax mounted roofs, ease of use

We produce high quality sheds from a well-known Swedish group of Sapa Extrusions aluminum constructions with glass or polycarbonate filler according to world-renowned methodologies. We can offer various solutions for glazing of roofs, depending on the purpose of the roof, the specific practical needs and the individual aesthetic taste of each customer.

  • Fixed glass walls without windows are one of the easiest solutions
  • Sliding windows with frames - very convenient to open, no extra space
  • Sliding frames without frames
  • Opening structures

Depending on the needs and budget of the customer, we offer both standard and special frameless constructions for the required purpose. The raw materials meet the needs of customers and the quality requirements of the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania and the manufacturer's warranty.


 Unlike the still popular old wooden sheds, the roofing solutions offered by "Sistemax" are suitable for different seasons, different climate effects, different customer's taste.

  • Resists temperature changes - resistant to frost and heat and large fluctuations in temperature range
  • Very robust and durable for both heavy snow and strong wind gusts, making it suitable for windy areas
  • The roofs themselves are resistant to long-term rain; The roofing is already made with an unobtrusive integrated rain drainage system.
  • We adapt the aesthetic roofing finish to the exterior and the environment of the existing buildings, making the roof for practical use a natural part of the whole.
  • Qualitatively equipped, the shelter virtually no longer requires any maintenance.
  • We provide a five-year warranty on installed roofs.


The needs of the roofing - from construction to color - are discussed with the customer when it comes to its installation location and we estimate the approximate cost of construction and materials. The final roof estimate and price is calculated only by design. We start the roofing works after the customer has approved the project and agreed on the start and duration of the works. Caring for the roofs - for us, the comfort of the roofs - for you. Roofing

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