Terrace gives opportunity for the owner to extend the residential floor area of a detached house or a flat. Also, it provides an additional and useful space at commercial buildings.

Terraces for detached houses

Often bad weather in Lithuania will not allow you enjoying your own terrace, therefore the best solution in this case would be to build a glazed terrace. There is nothing to be surprised about when a glazed terrace is called as another living room or, to be more exact, summer living room where you can enjoy eating breakfast at mornings or have dinner with the family at the same table. Moreover, you will not find a better place for guests. Those who truly enjoy terraces want to feel this enjoyment all year long and that is why they perform thermal installation and equip right heating system which allow to turn their terrace into small winter gardens, dining rooms or a corner for a table to work on. Comfortable and cosy terraces often become one of the favourite places at home. One of the most important features of a terrace – environment that is created is similar to the environment of a nature. In other words, the feeling as if you were outside is created, which truly make you smile.

There are some aspects for those who decided to have a glazed terrace:

  • Direction to which the terrace is oriented. Usually we recommend to build a terrace on southern or western side of a house, but it should be adapted to your pace of life, you should consider what could be kept in there or what you would like to equip in there and so on.
  • Terrace structural materials (timber, plastic or aluminium, which is currently used so often) and terrace design itself should decorate your house or fit with architectural details and should add something to the building.
  • Usually exit to the terrace often goes from a living room. In that case the terrace should be permeable to sunlight as much as possible, i. e glass that is used should be transparent, also lighter structures and roof cover materials permeable to sunlight should be used too.
  • Space, where a terrace is located, is always warmer. Glazed terrace may solve the problem of a cold room, since it helps to keep 4°C or even more degrees in a room.

Modern innovative structures help in creation of nice space for terraces. You can choose from:


Terraces for commercial buildings

Terraces are very often used as at public catering facilities. Light structures of glass for customers of restaurants and cafes give an opportunity to enjoy open space and provide protection from wind and precipitations as well as serve as a private and safe place at the same time. Working hours of outdoor cafes with glazed terraces are prolonged by two weeks.

Now modern offices are built in a way of creating pleasant working environment, therefore glazed terraces are great places when it comes to areas where employees would relax and communicate with each other. 

According to the need and to architectural details of a building following terraces may be built: