Frameless terrace glazing

Structure of frameless terrace glazing adds modernity and contemporariness to the building, while owners can enjoy the pleasures of a terrace from spring to autumn. Structure of frameless terrace glazing is less hermetic, however, it serves as a great protection from rain or wind and keeps dust and leaves and bugs on summer evenings outside.

Features of frameless glazing

  • The system can be opened fully, therefore glass sections are possible to be pulled off at any time and you can feel the enjoyment of an open terrace.
  • It is possible to choose between sliding glass sections and sections that are opened inside the terrace or both options can be applied.
  • Frameless glazing has various ways of application: solid glass sections over the entire terrace height. Maximum size of section may be up to 3.4 metres.
  • Using frameless glazing exceptional exterior of a building that provides elegancy to the premises is created. Nevertheless, this system is the least hermetic.
  • Guarantee period is offered.
  •  8, 10 or 12 mm tempered glass is used for glazing, which would break only being hit hard.
  • Frameless glazing is the most permeable to sunlight.
  • It is possible to use tinted, matted or figured glass.
  • This system can be used for glazing balconies, terraces, porches as well as to be used inside the premises, for creation of modern, light partitions.

SISTEMAX for manufacture uses profiles of aluminium system of SAPA / HYDRO

Manufacture of frameless glazing system lasts around a week (duration of manufacture depends on the current number of orders, contact us and we will tell you the exact date of your order being finished).

Can’t decide which glazing technique suits your house best? You need more information? Contact our advisers and they will answer to all the arising questions. Moreover, they will offer various options for balcony glazing and give advice on what to choose according to the features of your premises.

Frameless terrace glazing