Frame terrace glazing

Structural terrace glazing is quite hermetic and firm. Such terrace is a warm place even on colder days (especially if you use fireplaces or heaters). Such terrace serves as a good protection from cold weather in accommodation spaces and reduces noise, i. e. the house is tightened additionally. Temperature in a room with a glazed terrace is higher than temperatures in houses or flats with open terraces.

Structures of structural terrace glazing can be wooden, plastic or aluminium as well as other materials can be used for various solutions. Aluminium structures are applied widely. They fit great for both, blocks of flats and detached houses. Using these structures it is possible to create a modern contemporary and classical style for terraces.

Features of terrace glazing using aluminium systems

  • System can be sliding (suits for those who want to save space in terrace), or hinged.
  • Sliding/hinged systems may have 2, 3 or 4 mini rails depending on the size of a terrace, the number of glass sections as well as on the desired number of sections that can be opened.
  • Glass panels of aluminium system move loosely in both directions.
  • System may have locks and latches.
  • Aluminium structures are light, which is very important if a terrace is located not on the ground floor, otherwise structures can be loaded with an additional weight.
  • Aluminium profiles can be paintedin a desired colour using high-quality and durable powder coating technology or systems of anodized aluminium (well-resistant to corrosion, wear and scratches).
  • Glazing is made using 4 – 8 mm thick glass (another thickness are available as well), glass packages can also be used, since then the noise around is reduced effectively.
  • Low price – this is the cheapest terrace glazing technique.
  • Guarantee period is offered.


Manufacture of aluminium profile glazing system lasts around a week (duration of manufacture depends on the current number of orders, contact us and we will tell you the exact date of your order being finished).

Can’t decide which glazing technique suits your house best? You need more information? Contact our advisers and they will answer to all the arising questions. Moreover, they will offer various options for terrace glazing and give advice on what to choose according to the features of your premises.