Tambours near the house access doors

Even though a tambour is one of the smallest premises at home, it is also very important. At the tambour that is built near the house access doors a cosy lobby (also known as an outdoor corridor) is created, which is very useful and important to the owner for the following reasons:

  • tambour provides protection from cold weather, wind and precipitation for accommodation premises;
  • tambour with a reliable lock provides an additional protection;
  • tambour provides protection from climate change for the main doors: doors will serve longer, will not fade, frame and locks will be less distorted, since the change of temperatures will not be so drastic;
  • tambour helps keeping home clean: dirty shoes, wet umbrellas or bicycles may be kept in there.

Not only tambour serves as a buffer zone for house, but it is also a detail of exterior. Glazed tambour provides the feeling of modernity and open space to house. These are the followings that SISTEMAX offers:

  • long-lasting and classical wooden structures or highly hermetic plastic structures;
  • according to the client’s needs and to the architecture of a house, doors of tambour can be made from aluminium, plastic or wood;
  • glass can be transparent or tinted;
  • windows of a tambour can be opened or sliding, windows can be installed with locks or without them;
  • the ground floor in block of flats can be turned into a tambour, i. e. a separate entrance into a flat can be built, and such a tambour can also be turned into commercial premises.
  • we can suggest choosing between 4-8 mm thick tempered glass, which is highly resistant to impacts. However, we can suggest choosing 16 mm thick glass as well as glass packages, according to our client’s needs;

Contact our advisers and consult for the best solution.