Which windows are to be chosen can be determined by some very important features:

  • sound insulation;
  • thermal insulation;
  • safety (glass resistant to impacts, protection from burglars);
  • permeability of sunlight and heat and protection from UV radiation;
  • aesthetic view.

Nowadays the priority of energy efficiency for those who design new buildings or renovate old ones is very important. Companies manufacturing windows also impose tighter requirements. Usually the part with windows is “the weakest part” of a building in that it poorly preserves heat. 45 percents of thermal energy is lost due to poor windows. Windows in Lithuania are not classified according to their energy classes at the moment. If you would like to know the exact windows energy efficiency you should not only take into account windows characteristics (glass packages, frames, glass that are used), but such aspects as a window cardinal direction (windows oriented to East, South and West provide more light and let more solar thermal to get inside the premises), size of windows, height of installation and so on should be considered as well. When evaluating energy efficiency of a building, experts take into account various aspects and the biggest attention is devoted to windows. They evaluate quantity of windows, their class of air permeability and thermal resistance.

SISTEMAX specialists will help you to choose windows that best suits for your house, explain their characteristics and give advice on what windows you should finally buy. Usually without the help of a specialist it is very hard to choose the most energy effective windows. Those windows which features perfectly suits for your detached house having evaluated the relationship of price and quality will not be efficient if installed in a small flat.

Windows are long term investment, adding additional value to premises, therefore it is recommended to look for high-quality windows and reliable fitters at once. You should take into account not the price only, but the quality offered for you as well, since only those who have enough intention and patience would change their house windows every year due to cold winters.

SISTEMAX windows range:

Plastic windows – in terms of Lithuanian climate, specialists usually recommends 6-chamber plastic windows. Those who want to save more heat should choose a window with a selective internal glass, the outer one being standard. More

Wooden windows – it is a classic. If plastic windows are known for their reasonably price, wooden ones are attractive due to their naturalness. Their modern structures nowadays add luxury and view of an exceptional quality to any building. Clients very often choose wooden windows, since they are reliable, provide comfort to accommodation and, if combined with modern technologies, keep fine insulation qualities. More

Aluminium windows – modern windows, which are usually used inside of newly-built business centres, modern design detached houses and modern blocks of flats. Quality of aluminium windows, limitless design possibilities are those features, which prove that such a solution perfectly suits for those who want to have an exceptional design of premises and a spectacular building exterior. More