Plastic windows

At the moment the most popular type of windows is plastic windows. Very often old and distorted wooden windows inside blocks of flats are being replaced by the plastic ones. Many people like plastic windows, especially if their installation is of high-quality and windows itself are being used as recommended (e.g. if premises are ventilated, windows will not cloud). Not only masters from SISTEMAX will install plastic windows qualitatively, but they will also offer a guarantee period, provide technical maintenance for windows and give some advice on how to maintain them. According to various sources, installation and materials used can determine up to 80 percent of windows predictable energy efficiency. Plastic windows can be made with internal or external windowsills as well as with ventilating windows.

Features of plastic windows

  • Easy maintenance – does not need to paint, easy cleaning.
  • Wide choice of colours and patterns – by means of modern technologies various ideas can be realized: internal and external side of windows can be painted in different colours, wooden imitation can be applied and so on.
  • Plastic windows are known for their feature of excellent thermal and sound insulation – on winter heat will not come out outside, while on summer hot air will not get into premises.
  • Plastic windows can be made with various types of glass: transparent or tinted.
  • Plastic windows can be installed along with additional protections from break-ins, glass are covered with special films, serving as a protection from smash.
  • For manufacture of plastic windows SISTEMAX uses profiles from 4 to 6 chambers. It is recommended to use 6-chamber windows for accommodation premises due to Lithuanian climate.
  • Plastic windows can be braced with aluminium – it helps to prolong lifetime.
  • Plastic windows are durable – guarantee period is given.

SISTEMAX uses reliable plastic windows systems from ALUPLAST and from other manufacturers as well.

Manufacture of a standard window lasts around a week, installation may take several hours or several days. (Duration of manufacture depends on the current number of orders, contact us and we will tell you the exact date of your order being finished).

Can’t decide which glazing technique suits your house best? Contact our advisers and they will answer to all the arising questions. Moreover, they will offer those products which relationship of price and quality is the best.

More information about ALUPLAST plastic windows chambers, offered by SISTEMAX, is available here.

Windows by ALUPLAST are very often chosen by our clients, since they are quite cheap, but reliable at the same time, i. e. their relationship of price and quality suits for the best.


Colour of “Ideal 2000” windows systems can be chosen from a wide range of colours. Profile durability is the main reason for high-quality and various forms windows.

“Round Line” version is made with rounding offs, panels and window bars that meet all functional requirements and appeals to taste of even the most selective client.


Window system “Ideal 4000” – smart future investment, since during manufacture process of these windows materials of the highest quality are used. Profiles of “Ideal 4000” can perfectly satisfy your individual needs: these profiles already meet requirements that are going to be imposed in future. Windows made of “Ideal 4000” profile system will serve you many years.


 “Ideal 6000” and “Ideal 7000” are one of up-to-date and the most modern windows systems. In the initial planning stages the biggest attention was devoted to style and to the quality of a profile thermal insulation. Gentle forms of frame and round offs allow making windows that are functional and appeal to the most selective taste as well. Six-chamber profile systems make you feel high parameters of insulation at once.

"ALUPLAST" (Windows cutaways)

"ALUPLAST" (Ventilating window)

Ventilating windows “RENSON TC-60” – unique “soft-line” design venting system with a thermal bridge. The system is installed over the glass package. When a deflector inside the venting window is opened, it diverts airflow upwards and so draught can not be formed. Dimensions: - Venting window height – 75 mm; - Glass package is reduced by 60 mm only; - Glass package thick: 20, 24, 28 mm, string or stick. Technical characteristics: - Width of unobstructed airflow: 15000 mm²/m; - Incoming airflow at 2 Pa: 63 m³/h/m; Permeability to water and wind: 650 Pa, according to the first part of BS6375. Maintenance – Venting window is cleaned easily with a clean cloth or using vacuum cleaner with a brush. Assembly instructions – Cut the venting window at the required length and stuff both ends with nozzles (1 on the left side and one on the right side) – Recommended maximum length: 2000 mm

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