Wooden windows

Plastic or aluminium windows are very attractive and of high-quality, but wooden windows are definite market leaders. Higher price and more care demanding maintenance do not deter customers from buying these types of windows.  Wooden windows are reliable and of high-quality that gives premises an additional value. This type of windows especially attracts attention of those detached house owners that love classic. Wooden structures provide solidity and luxury to the building, while residents can enjoy cosiness. Wooden windows are great choice for those who evaluates naturalness and durability and for those who want to create their individual style.

Features of wooden windows:

  • Timber is specially processed, therefore wooden windows are resistant to climate change and they are unable to be distorted.
  • Wooden windows allow creating an exceptional design of accommodation: range of windows size, forms, colours and timber that is used is rather wide.
  • Wooden windows are long term investment. However, they require some additional maintenance, e. g. windows must be repainted/recoated on multiannual basis.
  • Can be opened inside or outside.
  • Guarantee period is offered for wooden windows.

Manufacture of wooden windows lasts quite long, around 1.5 – 3 months. (Duration of manufacture depends on the current number of orders, contact us and we will tell you the exact date of your order being finished).

Can’t decide which windows – wooden, plastic or aluminium – suits your house best? Contact our advisers and they will answer to all the arising questions. Moreover, they will introduce windows characteristics in details and offer products that best suit according to the relationship of price and quality.